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Image by Erik Mclean
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Love, Lies & the Doctor’s Dilemma

If you enjoy the BBC series As Time Goes By with Judy Dench, you’ll  be  delighted by this rollercoaster ride of pure entertainment!

This hysterical situational comedy showcases an unconventional widow’s tapestry of little white lies told to protect her family that spiral out of control, triggering a cascade of hilarious events and side-splitting consequences. And why does everyone want a session with “The Doctor?”


“Solid, light-hearted fun.” -, TX


Get ready for an uproarious comedy as the unconventional widow, Joan, weaves a tapestry of little white lies to shield the love of her life, Sandy, from her overbearing sister-in-law. What starts as an ordinary day turns into a comedy of errors, as she introduces Sandy as her psychiatrist. Featuring mistaken identities, razor-sharp banter, and a colorful cast of characters who are at the mercy of Joan’s well-intentioned fabrications, the little white lies spiral into a hilarious chain of dilemmas and creative twists and turns. Discover why everyone wants a session with ‘The Doctor.’

2 Acts / 3M/3F / 2hrs+Int. / Present Day / Suburban Home

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