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Sin, Sex and the CIA

If you're a fan of Get Smart you won’t want to miss this lively comedic escapade!

Brace yourself for a comedy of errors when a bumbling CIA agent and a passionate Secretary of State are challenged to discover the identity of an elusive oil cartel representative. Will this mission succeed or descend into uproarious chaos?


“Comic moments and hearty laughs.” - Sarasota Herald Tribune, FL


Brace yourself for a laugh-out-loud  adventure when America’s worst CIA's agent is entrusted with the safety of a passionate Secretary of State during a top-secret oil cartel meeting at “The Cabin.” Pandemonium unfolds as they are challenged to discover the identity of an elusive cartel representative amidst the disappearance of the “The Cabin’s” care-taker and the unexpected arrival of a flamboyant televangelist preacher and his loyal assistant. Add to the confusion a lone-wolf ex-marine, a stranded next door neighbor, and the intrusion of an illusive Park Ranger and you are left wondering if this hysterical catastrophe of a mission will ever succeed.

2 Acts / 3M/3-4F / 2hrs+ Int. / Present Day / Cabin

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