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Image by Erik Mclean
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Money Matters

If you’re an admirer of Noel Coward’s classic comedy Blythe Spirit then don’t pass up this laugh out loud adventure of sheer delight!

A neurotic father and his ingenious daughter face a monumental decision: either unveil their decade-long secret or concoct a plan to sustain their life of crime, leading to hilarious predicaments and dilemmas. In this laugh out loud comedy, can they do the crime without doing the time?


“This comedy is sure to delight audiences.”, SK, Canada


In this riotous comedy, a neurotic father and his ingenious daughter face a monumental dilemma as they find themselves in a tight spot when their counterfeit printing press is on the brink of discovery.  They resort to a desperate plan to transform their mansion into a haunted manor, setting the stage for a hilarious showdown with an eccentric psychic, an unscrupulous design consultant, a geriatric love machine and a quintessential southern belle. Chaos and laughter follow, revealing nothing is quite as it appears to be in this roller coaster ride of pure fun!

2 Acts / 3M/3F / 2hrs+Int. / Present Day / Mansion

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