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Sex Please We're Sixty

Fans of The Golden Girls won’t be able to resist this riotous journey of laughter!

A hilarious comedy that will leave you in stitches. Three spirited female B&B guests discover they are the targets of “Bud the Stud’s” unsolicited romantic intentions. Uproarious consequences occur as a mischievous plan is set in motion to turn the tables on him. Has Bud finally met his match?


“A feel-good comedy that will leave you laughing and smiling.” - The Providence Journal, RI


A whirlwind of hilarity occurs when three spirited female guests check into Rose Cottage, each with her own hidden agenda, only to find themselves as the focus of “Bud the Stud’s” romantic pursuit. When Bud stumbles upon an untested pill called “Venusia” designed to boost the libido of menopausal women, he decides all’s fair in love and desire. Not to be trifled with, the women unite as they discover Bud’s deceptions, and give him a taste of his own medicine, leading to a series of hysterically funny consequences for Bud. Join this hilarious comedy that explores the rib-tickling antics of seniors in their quest for love and romance.

2 Acts / 2M/4F / 2hrs+Int. / Present Day / Rose Cottage Bed & Breakfast

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