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Image by Erik Mclean
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What Is Susan’s Secret?

In the same spirit as Fawlty Towers you’ll discover a new favorite in this vibrant production of engaging characters!

A laugh-out-loud showcase of timeless comedy as an eccentric duo of elderly con-artists offer irresistible rates to tradesmen staying at the Cider Mill Inn. A dozen quirky characters find themselves thrust into unexpected, contractually binding, renovation mayhem. Will the crafty hosts outwit their guests?


“A real treat are the eccentric characters that are playfully brought to life.”

-,  MI


In this cleverly crafted comedy, the laughter begins as you’re introduced to Susan and Michael, the charming innkeepers whose cunning antics are balanced by their endearing eccentricities. These crafty, elderly hosts lure unsuspecting tradesmen to visit the Cider Mill Inn with enticing rates and the promise of mouthwatering homemade meals. As the unwitting “victims” arrive, they quickly realize that they’ve been duped to sign a reservation form that doubles as a binding contract for renovation work, and the culinary offerings demand a diverse palate. Among the eclectic array of guests, you’ll encounter a dozen quirky  characters, including the world’s most boring man, a meddlesome busybody, flustered newlyweds, and a free-spirited, Harley-riding Reverend. This situational comedy provides the perfect stage for two standout lead roles, opportunities for a small cast to portray multiple roles, and brims with razor-sharp dialogue and hilarious high jinks.

2 Acts / 3M/3F or up to 7M/7F / 2hrs+Int. / Present Day / Country Inn

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