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Welcome to Parker Plays

Where Laughter Knows No Limits

The Parker Brand of Comedic Plays captures a timeless sense of humor, quick witted observations about the absurdities of life and provides the expertise of crafting situational comedies that offer today’s audiences refreshing, laugh-out-loud entertainment.

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With memorable characters, relatable humor, and outrageous situations, the Parker Brand of Plays presents patrons with amusing views of human interactions during hilarious predicaments. Most plays offer minimal production requirements with small casts that make staging a production easily accessible for companies with limited resources and constrained stage space.

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Since 1996, the enduring appeal of Parker Plays has always been the shared laughter and cathartic release they provide in an often fragmented world. Moving forward in the 21st century, the Parker brand is committed to delivering high quality situational comedy for theatres, generating maximum laughs and creating enjoyment for audiences worldwide.

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